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A comprehensive and customizable panel of Immuno Assays

ABL Lyon offers a wide range of immunoassays to develop analytical methods or reagents. From faisability to validation through potential optimization, ABL Lyon is willing to deliver the appropriate demonstration of products/methods performances.

This apply also on clinical and preclinical trial monitoring solutions. The chart hereafter illustrates the 4 major groups of immunoassays applications available at ABL.


Depending on the number, the abundance and the nature of the analytes of interest, our team will propose the most appropriate technology and assay in terms of sensitivity, specificity, dynamic range and precision.

For more information on these key applications, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

ABL’s key advantages:

Track-record of complex assays

Method validation and optimization: seeking the assay that fits your needs

Stringent QC criteria throughout the whole testing process

Timely troubleshooting report to the customer, before study completion