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Placing the samples at the heart of our concerns

The availability and the quality of the samples are the gatekeepers of any immunomonitoring study. Numerous studies, including some very expensive ones, fail to deliver useful and interpretable results due to inappropriate sample collection protocols, bad storage/shipment conditions, or simply defective sample identification.

Because we care for these often unique and priceless samples, we interact with all the actors of a given study to harmonize and standardize sample collection. Upon demand, we transfer and share validated sample collection SOPs, provide sample collection kits, conduct on-site personnel training, and liaise with courier companies.

Once the samples are delivered to our laboratory, we first double-check and qualify them, register them in our sample database, and store them properly in secured and temperature controlled freezers until they are tested or sent out to other facilities.


ABL’s key advantages:

Full technical support before, during and after sample collection

Validated SOPs for multiple types of tissues preparation and preservation

Selected partners specialized in the logistics of clinical samples

Full traceability

24/7 temperature controlled freezers

24/7 on-call operators for timely transfer of samples to back-up freezers