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Targeting key immune information for each specific study

More than in other pathological conditions, the efficacy and safety of a treatment against cancer, infectious or inflammatory diseases is determined by several immunological factors that often vary from one individual to another. In this context, the challenge is not only to qualify and quantify the « expected » immune response but also to assess the presence, activity and function of immune cell subsets, in the blood stream or the target tissue.

ABL Lyon assists its customers from the very beginning of the project to guarantee the relevance of this complex immune mapping, in light of the study’s evaluation criteria.

After a clear understanding and definition of the study objectives, our scientists and engineers proactively challenge its design and propose the best assays and stringent quality controls to obtain reliable and relevant results.


ABL’s key advantages:

Understand and qualify the need

Perform bibliographic search

Challenge the study design

Propose the most relevant methods and assays