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explore new possibilities with Simoa Quanterix Instrument

Platine offers services on the Quanterix Simoa™ for novel assay developments and method validations in the scope of clinical testing (GCLP environment). You now can transfer assays onto this platform to dramatically decrease LLOQ and explore new possibilities: some biomarkers become relevant when they are reproducibly measured at the fg/mL level!

Quanterix’s proprietary Simoa™ technology (named for single molecule array) is based upon the isolation of individual immunocomplexes on paramagnetic beads using standard ELISA reagents. The main difference between Simoa and conventional immunoassays lies in the ability to trap single molecules in femtoliter-sized wells, allowing for a “digital” readout of each individual bead to determine if it is bound to the target analyte or not.

The digital nature of the technique allows an average of 1000x sensitivity increase over conventional assays while it provides robust data.

Simoa technology offers multiplexing options up to a 10-plex on a variety of analyte panels, in otrder to
Preserves samples by allowing multiple results from small volume
Saves costs on consumables
Dramatically increase throughput for larger experiments
See the publication : Andrew J. Rivnak et al Journal of Immunological Methods, Volume 424, September 2015, Pages 20–27

The Simoa HD-1 Analyzer is designed to provide users with a completely automated experience to ensure consistent results and the greatest sensitivity possible.

Finally, by partnering with the diagnostics company bioMerieux, Quanterix has also ensured a product continuum for the Simoa technology, from research use only (RUO) to the in vitro diagnostic (IVD) markets (

bioMérieux being a sister company through the Mérieux Institute, Platine Pharma Services can offer a smooth way moving from RUO to IVD. A unique approach that can ideally fit to a Companion Diagnostic project.