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ABL's Approach

The combination of science, technology and quality

With the objective to make the most of each immunomonitoring study, the main idea which led to the creation of Platine was to successfully combine:

  • Scientific expertise acquired through several years of research in immunology
  • Access to a comprehensive panel of immunomonitoring technologies, and
  • High quality standards


Based on our recognized expertise in oncology, infectious and inflammatory diseases, we can assist our clients in the development of many immuno-modulators, including:

  • Active immunotherapies: therapeutic or prophylactic vaccines, and immuno-modulatory molecules
  • Passive immunotherapies: monoclonal antibodies and immune response mediators such as cytokines
  • Cell therapies: lymphocytes, stem cells or dendritic cells.
  • Other classes of drugs endowed with an immuno-modulatory activity such as chemotherapy products. These often have deleterious effects on the immune system and promote the development of infections. In this case the  immuno-monitoring data can help tailoring the treatment to the immune status of the patient1.

1In contrast, recent studies have revealed that the patient's immune system may be activated by chemotherapy. Again, this event was revealed by immunomonitoring by following specific cell populations, circulating tumor antigens and associated apoptotic bodies.